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Cookeville 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

3/9/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Cookeville 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury provides 24 hour fire and water damage restoration service to the Upper Cumberland.

SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help
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We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury

SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Meet our crew!

Spock's Guide to Drying Water Damage

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

"Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected; in this case, I would think interesting would suffice."

Water damage is something we come into contact with on a daily basis. Some days it could be a small water leak from a loose plumbing fixture. Other days it could be a three story loss from a sprinkler head bursting.

No matter the size, the same principals apply to drying a structure. There's a scientific technique behind the process, and here it is, explained by Spock:

"Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

The first step in the drying process is an inspection, also known as a Loss Assessment Report. Upon arrival, the water technician must first assess any health concerns and safety hazards. Depending on where the water came from (sewage compared to a washing machine overflow) there could be pathogens that have the potential for serious adverse health effects. Structural damage or exposed wires would be a safety concern.

Determining the source of the water intrusion is also important in the drying process. Before the drying can begin, the water source must be stopped and the extent of intrusion evaluated.

Once the water source has been stopped, the technician can begin scoping the damage. Moisture meters are used to determine the saturation of materials and boroscopes can be used to view inside cavities for a better understanding of the structure's condition.

 "A dazzling display of logic."

Logically, the next step in the drying process is to remove any standing water. The primary purpose of water extraction is to stop any further water migration. This prevents other surfaces and rooms from being affected, so it should be done as quickly as possible.

The other reason for water extraction is to speed up the drying time. The only ways for water to be removed from a home or business is evaporation or extraction. The more water that is extracted, the less that will need to be evaporated.

 "Change is the essential process of all existence."

To completely dry a structure, a technician must increase the rate of evaporation from the wet materials. Evaporation will increase when the temperature is raised, when drier air is used, and when air is moved across the wet surface.

In order to achieve this, a number of different types of equipment is used. Air movers are essentially compact, high velocity fans. By strategically placing them in an affected area, the air movers help accelerate the rate warm air heats the surfaces. Industrial dehumidifiers balance the drying system by removing the moisture that air movers sweep away from wet materials.

"Insufficient facts always invite danger."

A lawyer will tell you if it's not documented, it didn't happen. In the restoration industry all activities that relate to a job should be documented by the water technician. After the first 24 hours of drying, materials should be monitored to determine if progress has been made. The materials should be monitored every 24 hours after, until the drying has been completed.

If you've had water damage in your home, call SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury for 24/7 emergency services.

The Fire Is Out. Now What?

3/7/2018 (Permalink)

We've been taught since preschool that when you see smoke or flames in your house, call 911 immediately. What homeowners need to do after the fire department leaves is less common knowledge. This is where SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury comes in.

Speed Is Key

Within hours of the fire being out, metals tarnish, countertops yellow, and grout stains.
Within days, walls yellow, clothing stains, and circuit boards may fail due to corrosion. This is why it is important to contact your insurance to verify coverage and file a claim as soon as possible.

Once the home is released by the fire department, schedule an initial assessment with a trained and licensed fire restoration company to see what can be salvaged and develop a plan of action. After the initial assessment is complete, the home should be boarded up and the roof tarped to maintain security and protect from further damages.

Fire Mitigation

The first step in the mitigation process is to pack out and clean the contents that were affected by smoke and soot. All of the restorable contents in affected areas will be professionally cleaned and deodorized. Restoration professionals begin by carefully inspecting and testing all fabrics in the structure to determine which cleaning methods are most appropriate. They should be able provide wet or dry cleaning services. Additionally, all the other restorable contents will be cleaned and deodorized to preloss condition. Finally, restoration professionals can provide an inventory list of all “to be claimed” items if requested.

Content Inventory

Restoration professionals can generate comprehensive room-by-room inventories. Contents are categorized as salvageable, non-salvageable and questionable - allowing for easier contents settlement.

Restore VS Replace

Once the contents are out of the home, SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury's technicians will reassess the structure for unseen damages. We will clean and disinfect structure materials that were affected, and restore the home to its pre-fire condition. This may include some repairs to the structure.

We focus on restoring versus replacing because restoring the affected areas of your property is substantially less costly than demolishing and replacing those areas. This “restore first” mentality also allows us to get your home back to pre-fire condition quicker and with less disruption.

Once the repairs are complete, the home is deodorized and the contents are moved back in "Like it never even happened."

Restoring Your Cookeville Commercial Property After a Water Damage

9/13/2016 (Permalink)

Flooding and water damage events at Cookeville commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury

SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

For Emergency Services in the Upper Cumberland, Call SERVPRO

8/26/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster in Putnam, Smith, Dekalb, Cannon, White and Cumberland Counties. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any-Sized Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment 

Have Questions? Call Us 24/7 – 931.528.9292

Residential Services

Whether your Cookeville home needs emergency flood damage or your upholstery cleaned, you can depend on us.  Our technicians have extensive cleaning and restoration training and can make your property look its best. Learn more about our residential services:

Commercial Services

There's never a convenient time for fire or Water damage to strike your Cookeville commercial property. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services we have the training and expertise to respond promptly with highly trained technicians to get your property back to business. Learn more about our commercial services: 

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

SERVPRO Ready Plan Mobile Application Keeps Critical Disaster Recovery and Restoration Information at Property Owners' Fingertips

5/2/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO encourages property owners to take advantage of free download to create an Emergency Ready Profile

For a property owner, a worst-case disaster scenario involving fire or water damage can seem unthinkable and then suddenly become a reality. In the aftermath of a disaster, quick response time by a disaster recovery and restoration specialist can help minimize property damage as well as inventory or home contents loss. To provide home and business owners with a quick and convenient way to call in the experts when disaster strikes, SERVPRO announces the public release of their SERVPRO Ready Plan Mobile Application. The free App is now available to download from app stores across three mobile platforms: Android™, iOS® and Blackberry®.

"The one constant in disasters," says Rick Isaacson, Executive Vice President of SERVPRO Industries, Inc, "is that there isn't any constant. Disasters are unpredictable and frequently strike without warning. That's why SERVPRO's Ready Plan mobile app is so valuable. In the confusion and panic that often surround a disaster, a property owner or manager can reach out for expert help right from the scene, using their cell phones."

The application allows both residential and commercial property managers and owners to create an Emergency Ready Profile that contains critical facility information that can help speed up response time after fire or water damage occurs. In addition to property details, the application tracks prior loss history, utility shut off locations, and key contacts; stores photos of the damage; and integrates local weather forecasts and more, including the address and contact information for the user's preferred SERVPRO Franchise.

Through the application, the user can quickly call SERVPRO or submit an electronic "First Notice of Loss" (FNOL) to the SERVPRO National Call Center setting the wheels of recovery in motion. Rapid response from a disaster cleanup and restoration specialist can help the property owner evaluate options, start the insurance process and take the right steps from the beginning to bring their property back to normal, "Like it never even happened."

"I hope that businesses and homeowners nationwide will take a moment to download our new Ready Plan mobile app to their smart phone," said Isaacson. "Having that information literally at your fingertips in an emergency can prove invaluable if disaster does strike."

SERVPRO specializes in fire and water cleanup and restoration and repair services for both commercial and residential customers. SERVPRO also offers large loss, national storm response, mold remediation and other property maintenance and restoration services.

For more information about SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury, please visit

What is Black Mold?

3/29/2016 (Permalink)

You may have seen sensational news reports that warn about the dangers of “black mold” or “toxic mold”. These reports can be alarming and confusing so it’s beneficial to get the facts to better understand mold.

Stachybotrys chartarum is the type of mold often called black mold, and it does produce allergens and irritants. However, many types of mold can produce allergens and irritants. Treat any mold with caution – stay out of affected areas and don’t touch or disturb the mold.

How Do I Tell If It’s Black Mold?

Since many types of mold can cause reactions, you should contact us regardless of the color or type of mold. In many instances, multiple types of mold may exist in the same house or structure. If you suspect you have a mold problem, contact SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury immediately. 

Understanding Mold

When water intrudes into your property, mold growth can start in as little as 48 hours. Consider the following mold facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic, float along in the air, and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor, and that odor can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury is locally owned and operated—so we live and work here too and are proud to be part of this community. We are also part of a national network of over 1,600 Franchises with special Disaster Recovery Teams placed strategically throughout the country to respond to large scale disasters.

When Hoarding Becomes a Biohazard

2/17/2016 (Permalink)

As the public defines clutter it is usually a situation where the homeowner becomes uncomfortable where they live and believes that the home is not organized. As you imagine every clutter issue is different from one person to the next. What one person considers clutter, another person thinks it is organized and acceptable.

There are those situations where clutter becomes extreme to the point where it becomes a safety and health concern. Again every situation is different and what the local government thinks is extreme maybe different from what you think. The bottom line is that whether the local government or you think that the clutter is an extreme situation can lead to an unhealthy situation including bio hazard situations.

The term bio hazard seems to have a strong context, but it does describe what can happen when extreme cluttering gets out of control. Let’s talk about some of the bio hazards that may be created when major clutter situations occur.

Biohazard Food Concerns

When you first read the word food, you may have thought you read it wrong. But food is a leading cause of biohazard situations with extreme clutter. Those who have major clutter issues, eventually lose the use of the kitchen and the kitchen appliances. They take the food and eat it in every other room in the house. Instead of throwing the food away they leave the left overs where they ate. One of the theories explained, is the concept that those who clutter have a short span of attention. Something takes them away from putting the food back in the correct place.

The next problem is that the food rots and creates mold issues and draws in mice and rats. The mice and rats leave tons of urine and feces. The feces itself has a deadly disease called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This disease is deadly according to the CDC and can actually be contracted by breathing it in.


Every fire department has complained about extreme cluttered homes. Cluttering can be so bad, that if there is a fire it becomes almost impossible to pull someone out alive. The clutter itself becomes a fire fuel that when lit is impossible to stop. The other issues are the actual clutter following on top of someone and burying them alive. Cases upon cases are documented of people being found days and months later buried in piles of clutter.

Human Feces and Human Urine

A major reason why people clutter extremely is the emotional attachment to what they are cluttering. To part with what they have collected is almost impossible and they will hold on to these items forever without help.

One thing that clutter victims collect is there own urine and feces. Urine is collected in all kinds of bottles and feces stored in plastic bags. These items are stored all around the clutter and underneath piles of stuff.

Clutter clean up with bio hazard

Many families and friends and even professional organizers feel the need to assist in extreme hoarding situations. As they begin the task of removing, organizing and sorting the items they start to smell bad odors. The bad odors they discover come from mold and rotten food and of course rat and mice feces. At this point most friends and family members of clutters hire someone who has certifications and experience.

SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury has trained professionals that are eqipped to handle hoarding problems. Call us today at (931)528-9292.

Us vs. Mom and Pop

2/10/2016 (Permalink)

I was out the other day, trying to get some creative juices flowing. My friend and I start a conversation about what all SERVPRO of Cookeville does, loud enough for people around us to hear. All of a sudden a guy chimes in with, "You can't compete with mom and pop shops in this area." Then proceeds to list all of the reasons why. It really got me thinking….

 There has been a lot of buzz lately about shopping local and supporting small business. The argument for it is pretty compelling. Strictly based on economics, for every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $73 remains in the local economy and only $27 leaves. Compare that to the same $100 spent at a non-locally owned business, where $43 remains in the local economy and $57 leaves. Non-profits receive 250% more from small businesses than large ones.

 SERVPRO is becoming a well known brand. Most people have seen the commercials on TV. To some this give off a very large business/corporation vibe. Although we have a corporate office, all of the franchises are independently owned and operated. This means that we are a small business. All of our employees live in the area we service. We personally buy locally, and our business buys as much as possible locally. Our kids go to school in this area, and because of that, we help with fundraisers and sponsorships. Our local economy and infrastructure are important to our business. To be proactive and involved with this, we are active members of our Chamber of Commerce. We want other small business in our area to succeed, so we are active in local business networking groups.

 If you are in any kind of business, or if you are not and have common sense, you know that customer service matters. I like going to the small boutique on our square because they know my name, size, and style. I feel like it’s a personal interaction more than a business transaction. We treat our customers the same. I run into customers from last year at the coffee shop and catch up with them. They know that they can call us at 2am, and sometimes they do. I love when we get a call that starts with, "I know you don't remember me, but you did some work on my house…" We do remember them and it makes them feel like more than an invoice. And we do work honestly. We're not going to try to upsell you on a product you don't need  

We are a small business and hiring us has all of the benefits of hiring other small businesses, but there is one HUGE difference. Do you know who mom and pop shops call when they have too large a job? They call us. When mom and pop shops are out of equipment, they are out of equipment. Done. We have the resources of another 1,699 franchise, plus our corporate office. If every building in downtown on Main Street floods, we can handle it. When I called our corporate office to see if they could give me a number of just the vehicles in the system, they said there too many to keep a list. That's a pretty big difference.

So to finish my story, the reply that the over opiniated guy got was, " We are a small business with huge resources." And that pretty much sums it up. 

The Worst Advice We've Heard in the Restoration Industry

1/31/2016 (Permalink)

The Internet is a great thing. Without it we wouldn't have Facebook or Netflix and I wouldn't know how to waste 80% of my time. On the other hand we've all seen the Abraham Lincoln quote, "Don't believe everything you see on the Internet" and the State Farm French model commercial. Most of this stuff is just silly and not doing any damage other than dumbing down a small percentage of our society. It's 2016 and just last week there was a Twitter feud between B.O.B. and Neil deGrasse Tyson over the earth being flat. (Dope tracks were dropped and everything. It was a mess.)  

 But what happens when you have water damage in your home and go to the Internet for advice? There's too many websites and YouTube channels claiming to be professionals that aren't. If you follow bad remediation advice it could lead to secondary damage, cost thousands of dollars to properly fix, and result in your insurance claim being denied.  

Here's some advice we've heard that you should avoid:

  • Don't contact your insurance company.
  • Yes, do. You will want to know what your insurance policy covers and what your options are. If it's not covered under your policy, they can at least give you a list of trusted vendors they've worked with before. If it is covered, you will want to see if it's in your best interest to file a claim. Depending on the total cost of remediation and mitigation, specifically how close it is to your deductible, your agent might advise against it.

  • If you have water damage, shut up the house and turn on the heat.
  • While on the surface this seems like it would work, it doesn't. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. The heat is going to make the water evaporate, but without ventilation the moisture will stay in the air. Mold needs moisture and warm temperature to grow, so doing this makes a perfect breeding ground.

  • Put some box fans on it.
  • Trust me, if this were true, we could save a lot of money going to the dollar store to buy box fans instead of our air movers and blowers. While we do use fans in the drying process, our's are much more powerful. Household fans are not equipped to remove enough moisture or deliver enough air movement to help prevent further damage.

  •    Bleach kills mold.
  • This sentence just wasn't finished. Bleach kills mold it comes in contact with. If you have mold in your bathtub, on the tile, or another non-porous surface, bleach is the way to go. On drywall or wood, not so much. Bleach cannot penetrate these materials, so only the mold growing on the surface is killed.

  • All you need is soap and water to clean up after a fire.
  • Surprisingly enough, we heard this from an adjuster we were working for. It simply isn't true. Fires are extremely complex to clean up after and many factors go into how you should do it. What kind of smoke residue is left behind is determined by what was burning and the oxygen content of the fire. The residue and surface you are cleaning determines the chemicals that are used to remove the damage. While soap and water can be used, unless it is a very small fire, it is almost never enough to thoroughly clean.

  • You can do it yourself. Just YouTube it.
  • Don't be that guy. After a water damage, it takes 48-72 hours for mold to grow. It takes only minutes for permanent discoloration after soot settles. Water, fire and mold damages shouldn't be treated like a DIY project. Hiring a professional can save you time and lots of money in the end. And we won't have to change our slogan to "We Repair what Your Husband Fixed."