Recent Before & After Photos

Hoarding in Cookeville, TN

After we received a call from this Cookeville homeowner's daughter, we were asked about our cleaning services. Her mother had recently passed away and she neede... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Jamestown

This fire was caused by a heating blanket in one of the bedrooms and smoke and soot quickly filled the home. SERVPRO of Cookeville removed the old wall paneling... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Jamestown

This fire was caused by a heating blanket in one of the bedrooms. Smoke and soot quickly covered the entire interior of the home. Notice the soot on the island ... READ MORE

Bathroom Fire In Cookeville

This bathroom fire was the result of a heating lamp in the ceiling catching fire. We removed drywall, flooring and rebuilt the bathroom quickly. The after pictu... READ MORE

Moldy Basement in Cookeville

After being vacant for a year and left with nothing but our southern humidity, mold started growing in this basement. SERVPRO of Cookeville / Carthage / Smithvi... READ MORE

Mold in Jamestown

Leaving your home unattended for a long period of time, you could potentially come back to a mess. If you plan to leave a home or business unattended turn the h... READ MORE

Rebuild after Water Damage

If you experience a major water damage, usually walls and floor coverings will need to be replaced. SERVPRO of Cookeville/Carthage/Smithville/Woodbury not only ... READ MORE

HVAC Airduct Cleaning

This is the before and after of a commercial duct cleaning our team did. The dust can trap bacteria and foster mold growth, creating potential health threats fo... READ MORE

Ceiling Damage

This ceiling was damaged after a supply line burst above it. Broken supply line in an Cookeville, TN home. Humidity is fine as long as it is not out of hand. Af... READ MORE

Grease Trap Overflow

Not maintaining your restaurant's grease trap can make quite a mess. Make sure you clean the grease trap and jet the lines frequently. Have Questions? Call Toda... READ MORE