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Ready? Set...SERVE

Here at SERVPRO of Cookeville, we are always on standby and ready to serve you. If you have water or fire damage in your Cookeville home or business, we hope that we are your first call!

Saving Wood Floors

When a wood floor like is impacted by a water loss, the water can seep between the slats and become trapped underneath. If it is possible to do so, we use drying mats to extract that moisture without removing the flooring.

Water Damaged Floor

When this home had a large water loss that impacted several rooms, the flooring in this area was damaged. Our team was brought in to repair the damage. If your home has a loss like this, give us a call!

Why Do We Use Drying Equipment?

When we set up drying equipment in your home to help dry up the moisture, the types of equipment we use are meant to create a balance between evaporation and dehumidification. This helps to eliminate the moisture in your home more quickly.

Using Drying Equipment

When we are working to restore your home after a water loss, you may see us using equipment such as what is pictured here. This equipment helps us to speed up the drying process so that further damage can be mitigated.

Supply Line

Have you ever seen a $4500 supply line before?

Sometimes do-it-yourself projects are worth the money you save, and sometimes they're not. If you've had a water damage from a plumbing issue, call us at 931-528-9292!